Stirs the SOUL will package your order with care and love. We will see to the service and delivery of your order is of the highest quality. We suggest delivery be made to a business address, it is best someone is home to receive the package and move it out of direct sunlight, to a cool, dry place. We re-use shipping materials and we ask our customers to re-use shipping materials if possible.

Please double check your address, especially if you have moved and are paying through your paypal account.

If you live in Oregon or Washington (and sometimes northern California) our shipping calculator will be a little high and we will refund part of your shipping & handling fee.

Weather: If you are unsure of the temperatures in your area check, enter your zip code and look ahead a few days. If you select an option for shipping that is incorrect due to heat we will contact you to change the shipping option. Or if it is cool and only Economy Shipping is listed we will refund the difference of shipping without ice!

Economy shipping is our hot weather shipping, it is priority mail shipping with ice packs which works well for locations that USPS can delivery to in 2 days. We even have sucess with locations that take 3 days though most packages are 2 days.

During cool weather months we offer priority mail shipping via the USPS. This option is best when daytime highs are under 70ºF. Please use Economy shipping if temperatures are warm in your area.

During cool weather months if the total weight of your package (including box or bubble envelope) is under 1 pound we will ship using first class shipping via USPS. This is not a choice on our shipping calculator: We determine the weight of your package before we ship it and send a refund as appropiate. This option is the least expensive, but does take an extra day or two so please let us know if you prefer we use priority mail instead.

Time: We make every attempt to send out your package 1-2 days after receiving an order and/or funds transfer, however during certain times of the year this may not be possible.

Gifts: We will do our best, but do not guarantee delivery on an exact day. Please let us know your order is a gift by clicking on the "additional information" link under your order as you check out. Here you can let us know if you are looking for the package to arrive before or on a particular date. If your order is a gift please advise us of the recipents name, your name and any message you wish to include with your order.
Outside US: If you wish to order outside the US during the cooler months please email with the address you wish to ship to so we can give an estimate of shipping cost. We cannot ship outside the US in warm weather.

Returns: Stirs the SOUL will make every attempt to rectify any problem that should arise due to an error on our behalf. Stirs the SOUL is not responsible if an incorrect address is given to us for shipping. A fee may apply if we need to re-route your order. Stirs the SOUL is not responsible if the wrong delivery address is given and the package is delivered to the wrong and/or unknown recipient.


Please call us (503-774-4309) or email us with any questions.

We ship within the US through paypal.
If you wish to ship outside the US please call us directly (503-774-4309) to place an order. Shipping to Cananda is over $30 and only available during cool weather.

For wholesale orders please call: 503-774-4309.