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Where do your beans come from?
We only use the finest organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Our Cacao is organically shade grown with bananas & other native trees — enabling a sustainable tropical eco-system.

Where do you make your Chocolate?
Stirs the Soul organic raw chocolate is stone-ground & tempered in the Woodstock neighborhood of S.E. Portland, Oregon.

How do I store my chocolate?
Keep your chocolate in a cool dry place between 68 and 72ºF, out of direct sunlight, Don't store in the freezer, only refrigerate when needed. Store in original wrapping or foil.

Do you have nutritional information for your chocolate?
Our basic nutritional facts are now available >

How do I order from Stirs the Soul?
Order online
or call us at 503.774.4309 or email us.

Want to sell Stirs the Soul in your store?
Call us at 503.774.4309

Do you do custom orders?
For a minimum order of $200 we can make custom molded chocolates and custom flavors.

Why is your chocolate in the raws foods section and the chocolate section in some stores? Isn't all of your chocolate raw?
All of our chocolate is raw, we've put our origin bars in the chocolate sections of some stores to introduce raw chocolate to people who might not know about it yet.

Are you hiring? Updated: 9/8/10
We do not have any openings at this time. If you're inspired to send us a resume we'll keep it in our files and contact you when it is appropriate.

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