To give our customers a choice we offer 4 different sweeteners.

Raw Dried Dates

Raw Agave
Coconut Palm Sugar

Raw Honey

There is something special about the multi-sensory experience of eating chocolate. From the snap of tempered chocolate, the intoxicating aroma, the heavenly taste, the shiny deep chocolate color, to the feel of chocolate melting on your tongue, it is experienced by all your senses. But the experience is so much deeper; it is felt by our body, mind and spirit.

Raw cacao is a powerful substance with many nutrients and beneficial qualities. Many of which support the heart and feed the brain. It contains more than 300 nutritional compounds, it is extremely high in antioxidants and magnesium, and it is rich in essential minerals and feel–good qualities. Keeping it raw simply means that the cacao beans haven't been roasted, and the chocolate is always kept under 111º. This preserves the living essence and the antioxidants in raw cacao.

Keeping the processing minimal, we bring to you a simple chocolate with a complex taste. It is free from dairy & sugar (made in a nut, treenut (except coconut), gluten, soy, dairy & egg free facility) — it can be enjoyed by nearly everyone. Chocolate can open up pathways to happiness and feelings of well-being, no wonder it is beloved by people around the world from all walks of life.

  Other Ingredients:  
Ginger: We use a therapeutic grade essential oil to maximize gingers benefits. It is warming, energizing, and supports digestion.  

Orange: Orange is known for lifting spirts and providing a calming influence on the body as well as promoting celluar regeneration. It also contains antioxidant d-limonene.
Lavender: During times of stress or imbalance try lavender to help your body relax while boosting your stamina and uplifting your mind.  
Cayenne: A traditional spice used with chocolate, cayenne fires up the circulatory system and digestive tract.  
Cinnamon: Shown to reduce blood sugar and lower bad cholesterol, cinnamon is great for healthy blood.  
Goji Berries: High in antioxidents, goji berries also contain 21 trace minerals and 18 amino acids. It is known for curbing appetite, promoting restful sleep, and a sense of well being. It is associated with enhanced longevity, sexual potency as well as strength and endurance.  
  These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.